7 Possible Uses Of Curry Leaf Essential Oil

 curry leaf essential oil uses
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 how to use curry leaf essential oil

Curry leaf oil is something you can extract from the curry tree's leaves. In Hindi, they call curry leaves kadipatta, whereas, in Tamil, they call them karuvepillai. Curry leaf oil proves to be helpful for both the scalp and hair in terms of absorbing nutrients.

It's useful for making the hair stronger, dealing with hair loss, promoting hair growth, enhancing natural shine, and even preventing the premature graying that happens later in life. Curry leaves are used as one of the ingredients in many hair oils. That's the most efficient way of stimulating better hair growth.

 curry leaf essential oil for hair

1Promoting Healthy Skin

Your skin is something that reflects the health of your entire system. Curry leaf oil has both antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, which help protect the skin from tanning. Massage your skin with a mixture of five drops of curry leaf oil and 2.5 ml of jojoba oil to lower incidents of wrinkles and prevent the signs of aging.

Additionally, a few drops of curry leaf oil can be added to your regular skincare lotions and creams. That will help you counteract fungi, bacteria, and viruses that cause skin issues, like athlete's foot, itches, boils, acne, ringworm, pimples, and more. Curry leaf oil's antimicrobial properties help curb the growth of microbes that are known to cause infections and skin problems.

 curry leaf essential oil benefits

2Treat Your Hair Problems

Curry leaves and the essential oil are both rich in iron, minerals, and vitamins A, B, C, and E, which might explain why Ayurveda has used it externally and internally for centuries for hair care. This rich source of natural antioxidants helps the tissues and muscles contract, which strengthens the hair roots and prevents them from falling out. The oil's healthy nutrients promote hair growth that is natural and effective, as it also brings back the hair's original color by enhancing a person's natural pigmentation.

To get this particular benefit, add five drops of curry leaf oil with 2.5 ml coconut oil and then massage it gently on your scalp and let it sit for 60 minutes. Following this soothing massage, you should wash your hair with a natural cleanser, such as shikakai or an herbal shampoo, for astounding results. This particular attribute proves to be a tremendously powerful and natural aid for hair that is graying prematurely or even issues with skin pigmentation, as the skin can lose its natural pigmentation, and a person might have white patches around their body.

 how to use curry leaf essential oil

3Potentially Cures Oral Problems

Toothaches, gum problems, and bad breath are sometimes the most annoying health issues. India has had a practice dating back to ancient times where people chew some curry leaves daily in order to maintain proper oral health. When the essential oil is extracted from such leaves, it is rich in zinc, folic acid, calcium, and vitamin C. Add two drops of curry leaf essential oil into one cup of warm water; use this as a gargle to strengthen your gums and teeth and enjoy longer-lasting fresh breath.

On top of all these, the antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial attributes of this oil can help cure halitosis by freshening your breath. That's a big reason why ancient Indians used the branches of curry leaf trees for cleaning their teeth. A modern study on how herbal products impact oral care demonstrated that the chewing of curry leaves or the gargling of its essential oil could stimulate a salivation process that boosts the pH value of the saliva.

curry leaf essential oil

4Manage Your Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is among the more common health conditions that impact many human beings around the world. It's a potentially very dangerous ailment since it's typically associated with many other factors that might totally wreck your health if you don't manage them well. Ayurvedic healing traditions often prescribe the use of curry leaf or its essential oil for the treatment of diabetes, given the hypoglycemic values of these magical leaves.

A multitude of research by scholars and doctors have established that curry leaf oil can slow down how fast starch is broken down into glucose, which will, of course, result in lower levels of glucose getting distributed into a person's bloodstream. Make sure that you go for this natural Ayurvedic massage twice weekly using three or four ml of sesame oil with six drops of curry leaf oil; follow it up with warm bathwater containing two drops of the oil that is diluted. This oil has healing properties that penetrate the skin and then enter your bloodstream, where it can fight off diabetes mellitus by controlling blood glucose levels.

 curry leaf essential oil uses

5Helps Alleviate Inflammations

Since this essential oil is both a detoxifier and depurative, it can help your body eliminate harmful toxins. You can also expect increased urination in both quantity and frequency. It lowers inflammation that's caused by excess salt, water retention, uric acid, and toxin deposits.

Massage any inflamed or painful parts with a mixture of one ml of olive oil and two drops of curry leaf oil. You can get quick relief in doing this. Alternatively, add three to four drops of this particular essential oil to a hot compress.

 curry leaf essential oil benefits

6Support Your Digestive Health

Curry leaf oil can be a stimulant, appetizer, antiemetic, carminative, stomachic, and antidysenteric. Use it to support your digestion through the promotion of digestive enzyme secretions. This purgative helps you regulate your bowel movements.

Curry leaf oil can help you alleviate digestive issues, like vomiting, nausea, constipation, and diarrhea. Try massaging your tummy or abdomen with a mixture of two ml of sesame oil and four drops of curry leaf oil, or just add a few drops of this particular essential oil to your vaporizer or diffuser. Adding three drops of curry leaf oil to your warm bathwater can give you some relief from upset stomach, indigestion, loss of appetite, and irregularity with your bowel movements.

 curry leaf essential oil for hair

7Improve Your Eyesight

Curry leaf oil itself is an excellent source of vitamin A that's crucial to your retinas when forming the rhodopsin that helps visual health. It improves your eye vision and also slows down the potential onset of cataracts. Mixing curry oil with a carrier oil and then applying it around your eyes can treat dark circles while also preventing cataracts in some cases.

Add a single drop of curry leaf oil through steam inhalation or even warm water when washing your face. Add a few drops of curry leaf oil to almond oil for a facial massage mixture. Also, a great way to help out your vision is just to use fresh curry leaves in your regular diet.

 curry leaf essential oil for hair

Curry leaves have many medicinal values that have been known for quite some time. They are usually a food ingredient, but they've become vital parts of skincare and hair care products alike. Revitalize the growth of your hair with these amino acids, antioxidants, and nutrients. Also, it prevents your hair strands from thinning. It stimulates hair growth on top of all this.

Curry trees are found in the forests and wastelands of India, outside of the Himalayas. They're widely distributed in India across both Assam and Tamil Naidu, Chittagong in neighboring Bangladesh as well, and along Pakistan's Ravi river. They were later carried to Malaysia, South Africa, and the island of Reunion.

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