7 Important Health Benefits Of Curry Leaf Essential Oil

curry leaf essential oil
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curry leaf essential oil

Vitamin powerhouse, Indian bay, sweet neem, the potent cancer warrior, and cure leaf are some of the famous nicknames that have been given to curry leaf, which is a highly relished and treasured aroma provider for Indian curries and soups. The aromatic leaves look similar to bay leaves and have a distinct flavor that is contributed by 3-carene and caryophyllene. This oil gets extracted via steam distillation from the curry leaves.

Curry leaf tree is an herb that is very easy to cultivate and is indigenous to Sri Lanka and India, which are countries that have a very rich cultural heritage. Each part of the tree has great medicinal values, including its flowers, berries, and leaves, and the best thing is that even poor people can afford it. Ayurveda refers to the tree as krishnanimba or girinimba (after Lord Krishna, who is the God of protection).

 curry leaf essential oil uses

1Benefits Digestive Health

Curry leaf essential oil is an antidysenteric, stimulant, stomachic, appetizer, carminative, and antiemetic. It works to support digestion and promote the secretion of digestive enzymes. It regulates bowel movements due to its purgative qualities.

Curry leaf essential oil helps alleviate digestive issues, like diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, and nausea. Your abdomen and tummy can be massaged by using a mixture of four drops of curry leaf essential oil and two ml of sesame oil, or you can add a few drops of this essential oil to either a diffuser or vaporizer. Draw a warm bath and add three drops worth of this essential oil to relieve an upset stomach, indigestion, irregular bowel movements, or loss of appetite.

 curry leaf essential oil for hair

2Promotes Good Oral Health

Toothaches, bad breath, and gum problems are among the most frequently annoying health issues. Since ancient times, people in India have been chewing curry leaves to maintain good oral health. The leaves that the essential oil is extracted from are rich in calcium, vitamin C, zinc, and folic acid. Two drops of the oil can be added to warm water and then used for gargling to strengthen your gums and teeth and make your breath fresh.

The antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial characteristics of the oil can also cure halitosis and help freshen your breath. That is why curry leaf tree branches were used by ancient Indians to clean their teeth. There was a recent study that examined the role that herbal products play in oral care that showed that gargling with curry leaf oil or chewing the leaves helps stimulate salivations, which increases the pH value of saliva.

curry leaf essential oil

3Helps Reduce Inflammation

Since the essential oil is both a depurative as well as a detoxifier, it helps the body eliminate harmful toxins. Also, it helps ease the amount and frequency of urination. It helps lower inflammation that is caused by excess salt, water retention, uric acid, and toxic deposits.

The inflamed or painful parts of your body can be relieved with a mixture that contains two drops of curry leaf oil and one ml of olive oil. That provides you with fast relief. Three to four drops of the essential oil can also be added to a hot compress and applied to your affected area.

 curry leaf essential oil uses

4Helps Improve Eyesight

This essential oil is rich in vitamin A that is vital for the eye retina to form rhodopsin, which helps keep your vision healthy. It slows down cataracts and brightens eye vision. A carrier and curry oil mixture can be applied to the area around your eyes to prevent cataracts and treat dark circles.

A drop of curry leaf essential oil can be added to a steam inhaler or in warm water to wash your face with. Or a few drops of the oil can be mixed with almond oil and then used to massage your face with. Eating fresh curry leaves can help improve your vision.

curry leaf essential oil

5Helps Skin Health

Your skin is a reflection of your overall system's health. There are antioxidants as well as antimicrobial properties contained in curry leaf oil that help protect your skin against tanning. Massage your skin with a mixture of five drops of curry leaf essential oil and 2.5 ml of jojoba oil to prevent aging signs and reduce wrinkles.

Two drops worth of curry leaf essential oil may also be added to your regular skincare creams and lotions. This helps counteract bacteria, fungi, and viruses that frequently cause different skin problems, like pimples, athlete's foot, ringworm, itches, boils, or acne. The curry leaf oil contains antimicrobial properties that curb microbe growth, which causes skin problems, such as infections.

 how to use curry leaf essential oil

6Offers A Natural Hair Care Solution

Curry leaves are rich in iron, minerals, and vitamins A, B, C, and E, and the oil has historically been used both externally and internally in Ayurveda for hair care purposes. Curry leaf oil is very rich in natural antioxidants that work to contract muscles and tissues and, therefore, strengthen the roots of your hair and prevent loss of hair. The healthy nutrients contained in the oil help promote the natural growth of the hair and works effectively on the person's natural pigmentation to assist in bringing the hair's original color back.

Mix together 2.5 ml of coconut oil with five drops of curry leaf oil and gently massage it on your scalp and then leave it on for around one hour. After that, wash your hair using a natural hair cleanser, like herbal shampoo, for the best results. This curry leaf oil's attribute makes it an excellent natural aid to work against skin pigmentation issues as well as premature graying when the skin ends up losing its natural pigmentation, which results in white patches beginning to spread across the body.

 how to use curry leaf essential oil

7Diabetes Mellitus Treatment

Diabetes mellitus is among the most common health disorders that affect humans. It is a very dangerous condition that is associated with numerous factors that can cause a complete break down if it isn't controlled. It is strongly recommended by Ayurvedic healing that curry leaf and the essential oil be used to treat diabetes due to the leaves having hypoglycemic properties.

There have been numerous research studies conducted that show that curry leaf oil can potentially break down the rate of starch being broken down into glucose, and that results in lower glucose levels being dispersed into your bloodstream. Make sure to have a natural Ayurvedic massage two times per week using a mixture of six drops of curry leaf oil and three to four ml of sesame oil and then have a warm bath that contains two drops of the oil. This oil has curative properties that will penetrate your skin and then enter into your bloodstream to combat diabetes mellitus by controlling your body's blood glucose levels.

 curry leaf essential oil benefits

In Tamil literature, which dates all the way back to the 4th century AD, curry leaves are called karuvepillai and were known even back then for all of their culinary benefits. The name comes from the word "kari" in Tamil, which means spicy sauce. There are many vernacular names for curry leaves like the Portuguese name folhas de caril, curryblatter in German, the Spanish name hojas de curry, the Italian nickname fogli di cari, the Russian listya karri, karepeku in Telugu, karibevu in Kannada, karipatta or meetha neem in Hindi, kariveppu in Malayalam, and kariveppilai in Tamil.

Curry leaves are utilized in various alternative medicinal practices, including traditional Chinese medicine, Siddha, Unani, and Ayurveda, for treating vomiting and diarrhea and enhancing the appetite. It is well known that their leaves possess anti-diabetic properties, and it is a very popular natural remedy to control diabetes. A paste is made out of ground leaves and then applied to acne, burns, bruises, eruptions, and wounds and also used for treating various skin disorders.

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